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Signals Midwest
An Echo, A Strain

Does it ever get any easier? Or do we just trudge through our days ‘til the end, through the echo and strain of what we don’t know and haven’t accomplished? I guess you can’t ever force it.

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Saves The Day
Undress Me


All I want is you to come undress me here
Laying sideways underneath the windowsill
Let’s not say a thing, no, let’s not even think
Just hold each other here

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The Promise Ring
Forget Me


The Promise Ring | Forget Me

where forget-me-nots, and marigolds, and other things that don’t get old, between one june and september, you’re all i remember, but i’m a lantern; my head a moon. i married a room where i’ll at least keep my hands in order. and what about the air, lying awake?

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